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Here’s the record, my free recorder has been expired ;w; omg… 

one-sparkle-of-light said:
Following! Follow back?! ^.^

this is not instagram

Anonymous said:
Where did you download paint tool sai?


Anonymous said:
aww, it's so cute that most of the posts in the rogura tags are from you :D ♥ bc of you i ship them too now thanks for making my life complete *gives you some bananas*

it’s not cute it’s pathetic omg… we need more Rogura fanartists 


Anonymous said:
Is Stinerva, Rogura and Bixanna have to be a Fairy Tale, which would be?

Stinerva can be Mulan

Rogura can be The Princess and the Frosch

Bixanna huh? i’d love the Snow White one 

how i work on my lovefest entries:

is that position even possible 

5 palette challenges i picked yesterday~

and it’s closed, so don’t send in more ^^