Wow that resident evil it's awesome. Can I ask you how did you do the gifs from the images?

Thank you! I use photoshop for gif making, just discovered some yesterday for those typing effect~ It’s really fun and easy to do :) And for the fading gif I use Photoscape bc I still dunno how to make one in PTS yet… 

razzete said: Omg thank you for introducing nanatsu no taizai to us, i found another manga i could love because of your art;-; and do you know any other artists who post nanatsu no taizai arts?

Urgh since you sent me a fanmail and I cannot reply to fanmail, guess it’s better like this. Sadly, there’s no (yet) artist I know that draw only for NnT, but you can always follow this blog theboarhat - for NnT information as well as sourced fanart, I’m sure you’ll find what you need there :)

You. You. Your post made me watch that RE6 video. Well, it inspired me to, but whatever. And I ship that now. I don't even know anything about the game but I ship that now. That should feel wrong. But it doesn't. And that's weird. Also your fault. So there I blame you for me staying up looking up fanfiction for this now.... Thank you, you I wonderful. I happen to love your art. Le derp


Yeahhhh tbh I don’t play R.E, I just got to know it a couple of days ago by stumbling upon a pretty fanart of Jake and Sherry, I was just like you haha, there’re not many fanfic of them so yeah, let’s cry together, hope I can get to play the game someday… ̣Even though  I watched all the campaign and cutscenes already lol…

Gajevy x Resident Evil 6 - Part 1

I’ve been drowning in R.E lately and getting myself into a new ship (Jake x Sherry), while I’m practicing a way to draw them, let’s do some R.E AU for a new kick~  I’d love to recommend you watching these cut scenes so you’ll have a better grasp on this AU, don’t worry, it’s like a short movie for you all, not just a game. 

Notice me Senpai ! I fucking love your arts, they are wonderful, especially Galevys makes my kokoro go doki doki. Why I'm not as talented as you Senpai ? *quiet sobs* ( sorry for bad English :c )

I'm so happy that you like Nanatsu no Taizai!! It's such a good and interesting series, I love Elizabeth x Meliodas and Ban x Elaine. And Diane is such a sweetheart!

Yes I have to agree :D I love literally all the characters, from designs to personalities, I hope people will give this series a try :) 

Um I don't draw much (actually almost never but just doodles) and so I was wondering how do you draw the backgrounds? You are Quite the great artist, also loved the bixanna art I might start to OTP them o_o

Hi, thank you~ I just use a lot of reference photos whenever I do the background, you can check out some background tips here on my resource blog! 

Bless you for drawing nanatsu no taizai, no,bless you for drawing period I love your art, and you have a pretty fun personality too.

Thank you very much!!!

he came here every morning. 

I tried out Photoshop with the lighting and really enjoyed it~ adding Gilthunder cause he’d be working in a coffee shop in real life hehe. Thanks for requesting! 



T-thank you!!! You should have suggested it to me you know haha