It is my pleasure to announce the very first Bixanna Week, dedicated to the fandom ship featuring none other than Bixlow and Lisanna Strauss. You are hereby invited to participate in this fun-filled event by contributing any manner of Bixanna content; be it writing, art, graphics, fanmixes, or something else that inspires your creativity.

Some pointers before we get started:

This event is about contributing new work, for that reason please don’t submit any of your old work to this event. 
► All work should be your own. Taking work from other artists/writers/graphic makers is wrong.
► Tag NSFW content appropriately. Bixanna is a pairing that has fans of all ages, please be courteous to those who may be under-aged.  

Contributions should be tagged as: #bixannaweek

 ♥ Oct. 1st - Oct. 8th ♥

1. First.
2. Gift.
3. Baby.
4. Alternative Universe.
5. Soul.
6. Family.
7. Future.

If you have any further inquiries please leave an ask and all the contributions will be reblogged to takeoverthepuppet

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a very late wedding gift for mungoe, it was supposed to be a single request but i love this amazing person so i decided to expand it a bit.

In case you didn’t know, it’s a crossover of Gajevy and our favorite movie ‘The Hobbit’: Gajeel as the king of the Dwarfs and Levy as a peace-loving Hobbit girl ^^ all ideas are suggested by Mungoe, i just drew the illustration. 

Screenshots: 2 3 4

what song is playing in your lineart wip? it's gorgeous. ;_;

Thank you ^^ the song is called ‘El Dorado’ by Two Steps From Hell. It’s one of my inspirational songs, i might use it for the pirates project next year hmmm :3c

Now, thanks to you, I ship Bixanna and... I have to admit it... I kinda like Lisanna... I didn't like her before but your amazing art can change people's mind ! Like brainwashing ! x_x Maybe I'll join Bixanna week if I have enough time !

brainwashing, i like that term lol. Thanks for sharing your love with them, i’m looking forwards to your entry in the week, if you have enough time of course~

do you prefer stingyu or stinerva¿

Stinerva, i don’t ship Yukino with either Sting or Rogue.

Senpai , theirs this picture i've been seeing alot and i am wondering if its R-Boz drawing or whos? the one with natsu and lucy seprated and theirs fire around natsu & like lights around lucy and their crying do you know which one i am talking about?

i assumed it’s phantombones's masterpiece :)

So… last time agnellog asked me to record my lineart process, here it is, though it’s not the whole process cause my computer crashed (damn) but i hope it can show you how i do the lineart OTL, which is probably nothing special. 

Ah, since the edit program was a pain to me, if the screen changes to black, you can stop the video cause that’s where it was supposed to end but the song lengthened it.

you don't need to answer this if you don't want to, i'm just curious, out of the ft ships that aren't your main, what's your order of preference for them?


For Bixanna week, I was going to do fanfictions because my art skills are less than great, so I was wondering if that's okay?

That’s definitely okay ^_^ You can contribute anything ship-related like fanfics, fanmixes, graphics, etc anything that you can come up with!

❝ Where a princess would give up her crown for the people she loves…… And find more beyond her palace walls than she could have ever imagined.

 —Winds From The East 

This is a special gift for silverinklett because it’s her birthday, go send her some love people :)

Also, original character Aurora © pansariri from her fanfic 'The Valley'.

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