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Anonymous said:
Hey dear I'm kind of confused and thought about asking you since you seem like an expert on Fairy Tail: is E.N.D a demon and what does it have to do with Natsu? I need to catch up with Fairy Tail so I don't know much about that issue but I'm kinda scared for what this means for Natsu and the Guild..

i think you should go ask some FT blogs like jhayni-in-the-rain or fttalk bc i know nothing except drawing shitty fanarts of my otps … 

Anonymous said:
Did you hear about the " END " theory ? It would be END for Evil Natsu Dragneel ; plus, END is supposed to be a fire demon... And if Grey has to defeat him... Omg noooo :(((

Anonymous said:
What if Lisanna used her 'Satan soul' and turned into Ever to get his brother closer to the real Ever but Bickslow didnt know and accidentally confess his love for Lis? Like 'Ever what I said earlier, i was drunk so don't get stupid ideas?' 'What do u mean?' 'The thing about Lis' I LEAVE THE REST FOR YOUR IMAGINATION P.S: u don't have to publish this, just couldnt stop my self X)

Lisanna doesn’t have ‘Satan soul’ magic but maybe Mira can teach her about ‘Transformation’ magic and what you suggested would be super adorable~~~ Ahhhh i need more, tell me more anon, i’m having Bixanna feels!!!

Is it possible for some fem!laxus x orga in the future? i could write more drabbles for you~

Of course Val~ It’s already in my to-do list and it’ll be dedicated to you, i just need to finish my current project first then i’ll be back with some ideas i’ve got!!! 

Anonymous said:
Have you tried drawing on your opposite hand?

here’s from my last artist meme(i’m too lazy to do another now;w;)

Anonymous said:
your upcoming jerza is beautiful. hope we can see some miraxus as well from you soon because I totally love the miraxus doodle we got from you the last time and I'm still not over it. I'm in love.

Thank you so much and yeah, if my up coming project turn out well, i’ll consider making a crack ships version included Miraxus. Just wait and we’ll see~ 

Anonymous said:
Hello, anon-with-ideas here ! I didn't want to bother you, i was just thinking it could be a nice - well, more sad than nice for this one - or at list an original idea for the Bixanna ship :c hmm, so if i have a cute one, i'll come back to tell you. Please forgive me Blanania-sama, i'll do my best for you ! Keep up the good work, you make us Bixanna fans live. ♡

u should be bc that idea is breaking my heart, idk if i can give it a comic try or not bc the idea hurts me so good jesus bless u… 

kagepajama said:
where did the holy banana go ?

i’m busy don’t ya see